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2020 VetSmart Table System X-Ray Solution

VetSmart unit and choice of DR Panel - a complete veterinarian x-ray system.

MyVet X500.png
MyVet X500

A compact and integrated x-ray table system. The X500, with a small working footprint, 4-way floating table and tethered 17 x 17 inch Cesium Iodide flat panel detector, provides a veterinary practitioner a powerful digital x-ray system for all of their imaging needs.

Innovet Select.jpg
Summit InnoVet Select

Designed by veterinarians for veterinarians, the InnoVet Select HF has “All the little things in mind” and delivers uncompromising functionality.

2020 Digital Retro-fit DR Solutions

Complete DR panel Retrofit veterinary solutions.  Enjoy a completely tailored veterinary experience. Patient demographics include the Animal name and breed, and owner name and information. The acquisition will also show four categories of animals, with specific views set for each animal.

2020 Momentum EQ - Equine Package

The most lightweight, portable, all-in-one DR-EQ solution

Poskom Portable X-Ray

The Vet-20BT battery powered veterinary X-ray generator is ideal for use with a wireless DR X-ray system.

KMHA MX1.jpg
2020 Sonimage MX1

The Veterinary Solution with Best-In-Class Imaging, High Resolution, Easy to Use Workflow for Rapid Assessment, & Diagnostic Confidence.

2020 Sonimage HS2

The Veterinary Solution with Best-In-Class Imaging, Easy to Use Workflow, Rapid Assessment, Clarity, and Confidence.

MyVet E-Cube i7 Ultrasound

The E-CUBE i7 Veterinary ultrasound system is a cart-based system which has a powerful and qualified system architecture and user-optimized ergonomical design with a sliding keyboard cover. It delivers remarkably excellent imaging performance from routine examinations to complex cardiac examinations at a veterinarian’s office.

MyVet Pan i2D

MyVet Pan i2D™ is the world's first veterinary specialized mobile panoramic dental x-ray system. MyVet Pan i2D uses tomography to take a panoramic image of small animal's full mouth within a minute. Animal size selection switch and a positioning laser light guides practioners right position the patient easy and quickly. The ergonomic table design delivers comfort workflow to practioners by easy positioning with less preparation. The entire unit is mobile and unlike other medical system, a practioner can use it instantly without any special installation.

MyVet EzRay Air Vet

It satisfies all primary dental diagnostic needs by stable and clear images. The EzRay Air Vet is a lightweight portable x-ray device designed for easy handling and stable positioning for optimal image quality on your intra-oral x-rays.

EZ Ray vetcart Image.png
EzRay Vet Cart

EzRay vet™ cart, the mobile dental x-ray cart system expedites your veterinary dental treatment procedure and provides trouble-free workflow by minimizing anesthesia risks or restraint injuries.

MyVetRayW Image.png
MyVet Ray W Wall Mounted Dental X-Ray System

The new generation intraoral x-ray imaging system creates a more sophiscated clinical atmosphere

EzSensor Image.png
EzSensor Vet

EzSensor Vet delivers superior diagnostic images essential for successful diagnosis, endodontic treatment. Our CMOS technology provides maximum diagnostic information for facilitate better treatment plans and clinical outcomes. Featuring unparalleled durability, image quality and intuitive EzSensor software, increased workflow efficiency and diagnostic accuracy are achieved at a low cost of ownership.Round corners, smooth edges, and a reinforced fiber optic cable connection are the results of design that focuses on patient comfort and product durability.

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