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Product Details

Gamma Medica: LumaGEM
Manufacturer: Gamma Medica

The LumaGEM MBI system visually illuminates the enhanced metabolic activity in the breast associated with the occurrence of a tumor growth that is typically not visible on a digital mammogram due to tissue density and/or tumor size. MBI's are extremely well tolerated by patients, as it’s a patient-friendly and a cost-effective tool for detecting hard to find small lesions in women who have dense breast tissue.


The LumaGEM MBI system is a functional imaging technology that measures the distribution of radionuclides by means of photon detection in order to aid in the evaluation of lesions in the breast tissue. The system features include:

  • Clear resolution (high intrinsic spatial resolution, 1.6mm), the best available detector on the market
  • Offers clinically high accuracy with Low false negatives (high sensitivity, 91%) and Low false positives (high specificity, 93%)
  • Knowing what is negative (Negative Predictive Value, 99.8%)
  • Proven/published lower dose capabilities minimizing patient risk (2.6mSv at 8 mCi)
  • Patient friendly, comfortable exam with minimal compression
  • Alternative for women contraindicated for MRI due to pacemakers or other ferromagnetic implants, poor renal function, claustrophobia, and body size or gadolinium allergies
  • Seamlessly integrates into workflow: Looks and acts like a mammography system with easy comparison to standard mammographic views (cranial caudal and mediolateral oblique